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Global Combatives was developed with the intention of saving lives in the streets and on the battle field!

There are many so called "combative programs" being taught to our Military & Law Enforcement personell that are filled with nonsense and even incorrect techniques. These programs not only build a false sense of confidence but they can get people killed!

At Global Combatives our goal is simple;
Keep our Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian groups alive!


We dont teach fancy and flashy "seminar techniques" that won't work in the real world, we teach real close quarter techniques & scenarios that can be used effectively and efficiently in high stress situations. Everything taught here is battle tested & combat ready!

Global Combatives will custom build a seminar or training camp for you including (but not limited to);

Close Quarter Hand to Hand Combat

Ground fighting (sportive & non-sportive)

Empty hand vs blade

Empty hand vs blunt weapon (ASP, stick, bat, ect)

Blade vs Blade, stick or empty hand

Stick vs stick, empty hand or blade

Lethal & non lethal compliance techniques - Come alongs, joint & wrist locks

Arresting technique 1 on 1, 2 good guys on 1 bad guy, ect

Counters to come alongs & holds

Multiple attackers

Crowd fighting

Jacket techniques

Basic kickboxing strikes & blocks

Anti grappling (keeping the fight standing)

Clinch fighting with & without weapons

Weapon disarms with empty hand

Weapon disarms with a weapon

Weapon retention
Tactical Pen

Grappling with weapons

Improvised weapons, brick, bottle, chair, ect

Family / pedestrian protection against armed or unarmed opponent(s)

Child bully proof program

Womens rape awareness / prevention

Mixed Martial Arts


For every seminar and training camp that we teach a donation will be made to the "Wounded Warriors Foundation".

Dont hesitate, book your seminar today. The next life you save might be your own!

We are available for seminars and
training camps world wide!

Contact us for more info

(732) 671-0542


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